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The 2015 football season is here.  Hawaii does not have a professional football team.  The result is that local people are all over the map regarding their favorite team.  Many guys jumped on a team when they were winning, but as of late has suffered through many rough years.  This shared pain among other commonalities draws these people to be like a family.  When you see someone representing your team you know that you are one.  You remember the good times and the bad.  You remember where you were when your team won.  You remember who you watched the game with.  This is an example of family. Football is a powerful connector of people.  An infinitely greater connector of family is Jesus.  Christians are connected by the gospel.  The gospel is the good news that Jesus was born, lived, died and rose again forgiving our sin and giving us everlasting life....

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We are all hard wired by God to worship.  Whether we realize it or not we are all worshippers.  The question is what or who do we worship.  Some of us gather on Sundays to worship our favorite football team, for others it is a band or a fighter.  People worship money, food, themselves, drugs, alcohol, ideas, comfort, feelings, emotions, our kids, our careers.  When we give our attention and affection toward something we participate in worship.  This worship turns into idolatry when we allow these things to take the place of God in our hearts.  When we allow these things to become of first priority before God we become idolators. Many of these things we end up worshipping are actually good and from God.  We all need to eat and we would be unable to function in this world if we did not have any money.  The problem is when...

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Church Membership

Church membership is an idea we see in scripture and has been a part of the church from the very beginning of the church in the book of Acts. This article answers a few questions regarding church membership in hopes that we can explain what church membership is all about and why it is incorporated as a part of Victory Aiea. What is church membership? Church membership is the establishment of the relationship between pastors of the church and the people who agree to submit to their leadership. Who is church membership for? The church was designed by God for christians. Church membership is for christians. Many would struggle with this statement in that they would say that the church exists for those far from Christ. By saying that church membership is for christians by no means reduces the importance of sharing the love of Christ with those who are far from Him. As...

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