In its most infant stages Victory Aiea began on the Aiea High School campus. Initially an outreach to students on campus got brought together some young people and gave them a vision for a city. In 2003 a youth service began, gathered about 50 people and shut down. In experienced and immature the ministry could not be sustained. 9 years later the vision to reach the community never died and a few of the original team members who never stopped living in community decided to give it another try. Attending or working for other churches throughout these 9 years God continued to develop, grow and mature this group of believers. In 2012 a team consisting of primarily people from the original group began to gather to craft the early makings of would become Victory Aiea. By September of 2012 the team launched monthly evening gatherings. In January of 2013 the team shifted into weekly evening gatherings. On Easter of 2013 the church officially launched gathering in the evenings at Aiea High School. The church continued to meet in the evening for 1 year until an opportunity to gather Sunday mornings at an elementary school surfaced. The team decided that it would be a healthy move to shift to a morning gathering. Victory Aiea currently gathers at Gus Webling Elementary Sunday mornings at 10am. Jesus has done a huge work in our lives.  Our response to Jesus is a deep desire to see others know Him also.  We live in a culture looking for hope.  I don’t think anyone can argue with the fact that this is a broken world.  From natural disasters to horrific crimes we see in the news on a daily basis people are looking for hope.  Our goal is to point people to a hope not anchored in an uncertain future, but rather in a proven past.  Our hope is in Jesus.  His miraculous birth, sinless life, humiliating death and glorious resurrection is where our hope is.  The Gospel promises that one day if we believe in Him and repent of our sins we will experience an eternity with no pain or suffering.  We will spend the rest of our lives proclaiming this message.  This is why we are starting this church. Here is a general timeline describing our journey as we launched Victory Aiea.

September 2012:  Monthly evening meetings 
January 2013:  Weekly evening meetings 
March 2013:  Community Outreach:  Resurrection Party 
March 31, 2013:  Victory Aiea officially launched