For hundreds of years since the fall in the Garden of Eden mankind has waited for a savior.  One that would crush the head of satan.  This period of waiting ended with the birth of Jesus.  This is the reason why we celebrate Christmas today.  Christmas is about Jesus coming to earth being to live with us.  Unlike any other religion the God of the bible is a God that did not demand his people earn right standing with Him, our God came to earth to make us right.

Advent is a church tradition that has developed throughout church history.  Advent begins 4 Sundays before Christmas and is designed to build anticipation for Christmas, like anticipation was built in God’s people waiting centuries for a savior.

As a church we will preach through 4 different scriptures pointing us to the birth of Jesus.  Leading to our Christmas Service on the 4th Sunday.

Here is an overview of the sermon series plan.

11/30/14:  Isaiah 9:1-7
12/7/14:  Luke 2:1-21
12/14/14:  Matthew 2:1-12
12/21/14:  John 1:1-18

As a family you might want to consider starting a family tradition of lighting Advent candles to teach your kids about Christmas.  There is no set way to do this, but below is an overview of what it would look like.

1.Have 5 candles set out someplace in the house.  (1 candle for each Sunday and 1 candle for Christmas)

2. 1 day each week leading up to Christmas gather as a family to light the candles.
-on week 1 light 1 candle, on week 2 light 2, on week 3 light 3, and continue until Christmas.

3.Read a scripture from the bible related to the birth of Jesus.
-If you are comfortable you can ask the kids some questions and have a short dialogue regarding Jesus.

-Spend some time praying for loved ones, other church members, people far from Christ.
-For our family we simply ask each of the kids to name a person they want to pray for and then we (parents) will pray for those people.