The book of Genesis is much more than a cute story that we can read to our kids.  Genesis is the story of God’s glory in creation and covenant redemption.  This is the story of an awesome God that redeems his people in the midst of a fallen broken world and how these people should relate to this holy, perfect God.

Here is a little more background information on Genesis to help you as you read along with us.

Author:  Moses

-Grew up in the house of Pharaoh
-Spent 40 years in the desert
-Confronted Pharaoh and let the Israelites out of Egypt
-Was used by God to perform many miracles

Original Audience:  Israelites

-experienced exodus
-lived in slavery
-seen God do miraculous
-participated in idolatry (golden calf)
-lived constantly concerned regarding enemies that would have wanted to conquer them.

Arrangement of Book:
1.Primeval history of the world before Abraham (Chapters 1-11)
2.The history of the patriarchs  (Chapters 12-50)

Recommended resources for further study:
1.ESV study bible.  Available also as an iphone app.
2.Preaching Christ From Genesis by Sidney Greidanus.
3.Genesis by James Montgomery Boice.