by Dane Tokushige

As we preach the Gospel, I believe there are 2 goals that we should pray and be in faith for.

1. repent. if we are going to truly repent we have to be clear of what we are repenting of. we have to understand that our existence is disgusting to a perfect God. our sin makes it impossible to ever see or even be with God. Because of this we have to come to a point where we repent and turn from this life of gross sin.

repentance is not simply repeating a canned prayer, filling out a card, or responding in tears at an alter call. As much as this may be part of repentance, true repentance is in our hearts.

Acts 20:21, Mark 1:15

2. believe. To believe in Jesus as the only way to remove our sins mean that we believe NOTHING else can do what Jesus can do. Attending church, helping the poor, being a good person, living by good philosophies, can never remove our sin. Salvation is a gift. To believe is receiving this gift whole heartedly. Believing is knowing that the work of Jesus and the gift of salvation is the only truth.

My prayer is that as we preach the Gospel people will begin to respond in repentance and belief.